Stay F.L.Y Ent was founded in 2006 by five friends that shared one passion in common, that passion was music. The group consist of Big Country Slim, Ryan T. Da Beast, Shamal Baby, Chris Word, and Lil G. Stay F.L.Y Ent.  Stay Fly's sound is constructed around the production from Ryan T, Big Country SLim, And Chris Word.  Stay Fly was influenced by the cities of San Diego, St. louis and Virginia.  Also being youth in todays society which has creates choices and obstacles that a young person must defeat in order to reach their goals.    


First and foremost Stay Fly would like to thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoy our music and Videos.  We also encourage you to download our mix-tapes tapes on   Also add us on face book and twitter ect. 

Contact us here.


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